Robots will change the world for ever

Michiel Mol

Michiel Mol

Howard Hughes is a professional broadcaster who, in his spare time, runs a fascinating Podcast entitled “The Unexplained”. His Podcast on 13th August this year featured an interview with the Founder of XCOR, Michiel Mol from Amsterdam who aims to be first to start civilian space flights.

I’m including a brief transcript from near the end of the interview because it is of interest here:

Howard Hughes: You said that you will always want to be involved in this, in XCOR and what it does, but you might want to change your role and maybe move away from the day to day stuff once it is all up and running. What does a man who has done that, do next?

Michiel Mol: Robotics.

Howard Hughes: Oh really.

Michiel Mol: Robotics and deep learning, intelligent computers. That, during my studies at university, was my key focus, and I’ve loved creating robots all my life and doing artificial intelligence stuff, I think that also will be something that will change the world for ever.

The whole interview is well worth a listen, and if you have an interest in any “unexplained” topics ranging from UFOs to reincarnation, you will find the blog a very entertaining way to spend an hour.

The Unexplained Podcast
XCOR Space Expeditions

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